Sony 46d3500, using speaker as a center.


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Hi everyone, I got my 46d3500 last friday , as the set is a bit bigger than my previous 42" panny plasma (panel only no speakers) Its a bit higher on the wall when mounted over my center speaker (on fire mantel).

I am wanting to use the built in speaker as a center speaker so I can mount the tv a bit lower, my amp has a line out for the center but as I use the pc input for my Htpc and the component for sky/consoles I would need to split the center feed to the 2 different inputs on the tv, im fairly sure this will work as it will only be using 1 input at a time. Any suggestions of an easier way before I go get my soldering kit out , and is the speaker up to being a center speaker , i currently have a mission M71c center.



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Well I tried it today and it does work but with a small problem, there seems to be a few milliseconds delay caused by the signal having to be re-processed by the tv's amp, not a huge delay but enough to be noticable.

Oh well it was worth a try, to be honest the tv speakers are no where near as good as my centre so I probably wouldnt have been happy anyway.

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