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Sony 46 inch Z4500 AND Sony blu-ray 350 AND PS3 to Sony 1200es amp


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What is the best way to connect the above components to the amp.

Oh, and can anyone recommend any cables?

Thanks in advance.

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Fairly simple - connect the BDP-S350 to one of the inputs on the amp with an HDMI cable, and then connect the amp to the TV with a second HDMI cable.

Do not spend a fortune on expensive HDMI cables. Over short runs (10m or so), the cable type will make absolutely no difference as the signal its sending is purely digital. You can pick up a decent cable for under £10.


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The amp in question does nto deal with sound, so what cablign is best for that?

Optical and assign them to the two HDMI videos???


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Sorry, I forgot this amp didn't do audio over HDMI.

There are two possible ways of making up the HDMI video connections - through the amp, or direct to the TV.

If you connect them to the amp first, you would only need one HDMI connected to the TV. This is handy if you have a limited number of HDMI inputs available on your TV, or if you just want to reduce the amount of cables connected to the TV. The downside is that you need the amp on constantly while using any of the connected devices. This may not be an issue for you, but I know some people like to revert to the built-in TV speakers (say late at night, if you have young kids or whatever).

If you require the HDMI switcher for any of those reasons connect the PS3/350 through the amp, otherwise I'd just go down the other route and connect them directly to the TV.

Since the amp doesn't handle audio over HDMI, you will need optical cables to connect the PS3 and 350 to the amp, whichever way you connect them for video. The amp will automatically pick up the optical signal for the source you select on the amp, if you haven't connected the HDMIs through it. Otherwise you may just need to cycle through the 'input mode' (theres often a button on the from of sony amps for this)for each source and select optical manually.

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