Sony 42" LCD rear projection - Any good ?



My mates thinking of getting one (Grand Wega), are they good value at 2k or would a 36" crt be a better bet ?



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I'm also interested in this TV - I saw one recently playing "Toy Story" (DVD) and the picture was very impressive. The blacks weren't "black" (usual LCD story) but was very crisp and the colours were good too. I noticed that the TV was set on factory defaults so I daresay with a bit of tweaking, it would be even better. I wasn'ta big fan of the previous Grand Wegas (SX200) and this new set (SX300) seems much better (to me).
However, I didn't spend a great deal of time with it and I'd really like to demo one using my own player and DVDs.

I guess we'll just have to wait until one of the HC mags gets one into the "lab" and reviews it.


Just an aside, unbeatable.co.uk have them for just under £1600.
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