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Sony 42" Floating KDE-P42MRX1


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Hey guys, I really need some technical advise about this unit.

Firstly I would like to say that I'm in the process of giving the house a make-over and was looking to get a plasma that is not only technically superb but also very good looking. From what I have seen nothing has come close to the KDE-P42MRX1.

I know you are paying through the nose with this one, but APART from this factor can someone please let me know other reasons why I should not buy it. For example is it technically 'out of date'? Is it lacking the necessary ports required for today's home entertainment systems, and am I going to find myself with a piece of kit that will be 'un-usable' in 3 years time?

The cheapest price I have found for it is now £2700.00 which doesn't seem too bad in comparison with other 42" sets.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Majid Khan

Yes the plasma looks gorgeous aesthetically, its a design classic - but for picture quality alone I would place the Sony 42MRX1 as the best plasma I have seen to date.. it is the only plasma that I saw and at first glance, felt it looked the closest thing to a big screen CRT.. the colour is beautiful, the WEGA engine does a great job on getting rid of noise on Freeview and i've tested this plasma with football on DVD, it really is as smooth as a CRT.

Only negatives are the fact that it isn't HD-Ready and of course its expensive...if it wasn't for worries of screen burn (with plasma tvs, in general), the 42MRX1 would be the plasma i would buy...it is the one plasma that I saw and really said WOW, I want that in my living room, because not only does it look gorgeous turned off, but the picture quality is amazingly good..


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The thing i've noticed about Sony's plasma's are that they're unbelievably pretty to look at, but to watch they're something different, this is hard for me to come to terms with because i'm a sony fanboy and would get everythign sony if I could but they just dont seem to cut it in some area's :(

If you're considering spending THAT much money then you could pick up a damn nice panel instead with some tasty speakers...all wall mounted seeing as you're doing a make-over on your house. Have a look through the 'get your plasma's out for the lads' thread.


You'll soon get the taste for wall mounted goodness :)

Also, consider the 50" Pioneer PDP-506XDE + Speakers and Ped for £2999.99 inv. VAT and Delivery


That is 50" of pure Pioneer plasmatic pleasure with a proper 720p high def resolution so you'll get the best picture without any scaling/stretching when playing 720p content, it has some pretty amazing features too. Though I would phone this company first if you intend on buying to check its in stock.

Happy Huntin'


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Thanks very much for the responses. That Pioneer does look good. I must admit that I would prefer to get a unit that is HD ready (just in case it comes out any time soon!).

Thanks for the link to the 'get your plasma's out for the lads' thread, Jim. These guys have got some very impressive setups. All food for thought!



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