Sony 40w2000 only displaying 1024 x 768 on PC input


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Have a little problem that the TV wont show a screen bigger than this even when I give it bigger signal. All it does is show eg. 1280 x 800 within the 1024 x 768 screen and I have to scroll to left/right/up/down to see rest of screen. If i look on the PC mode settings bit it says 1024 x 800 60hz.

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?



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Im having the same problem with exactly the same screen. but i havnt been able to get a signal at all. didnt try that res.

Ive been told to get a dvi to hdmi cable for myraphics card and it should then output a 1080p signal through the tv. what graphics card you got?

Have you got a 360 with a vga cabe? i ask because i cant get my 360 working with my 40w2000 at all. component works fine but nothing through vga on any res.


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its the built in laptop graphics which is ati raedon express 200m. needing to hook the lap top up to show downloaded films fron sky active plus anything else i can think of.

Have the 360 on component as dont have the hd drive so dont see the need for 1080p output as the tv upscales very well.

it sounds as though the pc input on your tv is nackered if it dont work with xbox or pc. is your tv still under warrenty?


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Well i got my 360 working on it lastnight via vga after a visit to comet and a long chat with some thicko's and then a guy who actually knew what he was talking about.

So its all working now...good times :smashin:

westtra: try this. leave your desktop at the res you had it working through the screen. then...try you games at a higher res. he said this may work but i havnt tried it myself as yet.

Will report back when i do.


I was running the Xbox 360 into my W2000 by component 1080i which worked fine, I was told if I wanted the Xbox 360 to be able to upscale games/video to 1080p I'd need the VGA lead which I brought today.
going on the Xbox's output setting the resolution only seems to go up to 1024 x 768:confused: how do I get the options to output 1080p?



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dj, no joy with that.

leo the hd settings in the settings tab full right on the xbox to set it 1080p


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I have had JL PM the w2000 but really wanted the kdl40D3000 which they say its not on display therefore cannot PM. And have been told the W is a better tv than the D3000. Can anyone please advice me on this. I am confused with this, becuase the D3000 pictures looks very sharp and nice.

Thank you

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