Sony 40EX500 vs Philips 42PFL7404H


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I am planning on buying a new TV.
So far i have sorted out these two out of the bunch.
Sony 40EX500
Philips 42PFL7404H

I have read many positive reviews about both but which one would you guys recommend.
Both of them are in the same price range. Sony is a little bit more expensive.

Most of my TV time considers SD television and occasional movies from computer.


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Id go for sony,its the newer and better tv.blacks on the sony are way deeper due to the panel of the philips which is LG


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I was deliberating a similar decision a few weeks ago, and opted for the Philips.

I compared the 42PFL7404 to a 40KDLEX503, and I much preferred the Philips. The main differences between the EX500 and the EX503 appear to be the EX500 is 120hz with the Bravia2 engine, where the EX503 is 100hz with the much improved Bravia3 engine (Perhaps Chris can confirm?)

I just find the Philips a more impressive TV - it looks stunning, the picture is sensational (especially with HD natural motion) and for me had more of a 'wow factor'.

Having said that, I can understand why people may prefer the Sony (the EX503 - NOT the EX500) - it comes down to preference. I don't believe one is better than the other, it's what you prefer.

Can you not see both in action and compare?

Let us know how you get on.

Good luck!


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Just to clarify:the european EX500 and EX503 are absolutely equal,the only difference is the DVB-T2 tuner on EX503 which is only available In the UK.The EX500 with 120Hz(100Hz in europe) and BE2 is the USA model,not relevant to any european country.all EX5 in europe have BE3


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I just went to a shop where i could compare them both side by side.
I just got a new offer for the Sony so now i can get them both for the same price (approx 630£).
The Philips picture looked a little better in my opinion. Futhermore it is 2 inches wider that makes the picture quite a bit bigger.
Sony has better preferences with DLNA and so on, but to use them you have to buy the wireless adapter.
Right now i am leaning towards the Philips.


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**pfl7404* is last year model,
wait better for this year **pfl5605*; **pfl7605*; **pfl8605*; **pfl9705*;

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