Sony 36FS76 vs nx200


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I am considering buying a Sony FS36. Before I do I just wondered if anyone knew if there are any picture quality differences between this set and the upcoming 36NX200?

I know that the NX200 has a digital tuner and a memory stick slot but is the DRC-MF the same on both sets? According to techtronics web site the NX200 has the following DRC-MF modes:

DRC 1250: Improved Picture Quality..... with no visible horizontal scanning lines. [Ideal for DVD-video]

DRC Progressive: Doubles the lines scanned at a faster rate, resulting in reduced line-flicker for super-still text. [Ideal for digital camera, camcorders]

DRC 100: Real time processing results in images that are ver clear and smooth moving. Eliminates filed flicker. [Ideal for static text]


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Go for the IDTV since you get W/S broadcasts for a W/S TV

Also the Sony tuner is very good


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Which ever set I get I'll need to get an external Freeview box for my Tivo to record from. So either way I'll have access to w/s broadcasts.

If the picture quality/technology of the two sets is the same then I cannot justify the extra £600 for the integrated digital tuner of the NX200. Even a Pace twin tuner Freeview box with HD recorder is only £350. Also my wife thinks that the boxy 36FS76 is prettier than the curvy NX200/FQ80. (The NX200s Memory stick slot is of no interest to me even though I do have a Sony MS camcorder.)

Does anyone know if the FS76 really does have a progressive scan mode?


The FS76 does NOT have progressive scan.
I believe the DRC is identical on both the FS76 and NX200.

neil malde

Have just recieved the FS76 yesterday... v nice. Also very impressed with guys that manged to take it up stairs for me.


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The Sony brochure shows auto convergence & digital quick focus for the NX200... Only the iDTV's seem to have this... Don't really know what this is but it's almost certainly not worth the extra if you don't need the digital tuner and memory stick reader...

I'm going to order the FS76 from John Lewis (£1695 with 5 year waranty...)



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Neil, SimonO,

May I ask Neil, where u ordered from? Price?

SimonO, was this a price match thing?



Hi SimonO,

I was at a JL store in Bristol yesterday and the price of FS76 was 1999. according to u the price is 1695. Did you pricematch it with another shop.



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This price is at JL Watford... They said they had dropped it to match someone called Hi-Spec if I remember correctly... You don't have to ask for this price as it's on the ticket..!

Also the FQ80 is £1495 if anyone is interested..!


Just had a look in the JL in Canary Wharf. They are still selling the FS70 and they don't even have the FS76 on their inventory.

Does anyone know if you can phone an order to JL? Does anyone know a JL in London which has the FS76 in stock?


- Dave


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The John Lewis in Bluewater (Kent/edge of London 01322 624123) has the 36FS76 on display (at £1999) I did not ask if they had any in stock.

Interesting to see JL living up to their "never knowingly undersold" promise in Watford.

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