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Sony 36FS76 & PIc Enhancements - my 'Review'

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Dimmy, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Dimmy


    Jan 15, 2003
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    Having had far too much free time on my hands yesterday I decided to wander into my local sony store whilst I was in town & have a play with some of their latest & greatest feats.

    Plenty of eye candy and a few intreaguing products - especially the supiciously sudden re-appearence of the SCD-XE670 - *nods in what hi-fi's direction*.

    Anyway what I spent my time playing with turned out to be the KV36FS76. I'd never actually had a play with a sony TV as such, and wanted to see what they were capable of.

    The Sony Centres do tend to invest a reasonable amount of money into showcasing the picture of their TVs - which involves hooking them up to a Sky Digital signal direct to the Digibox (a Sony would you believe) via a Scart in RGB picture format.

    Aswell as this I convinced Mr Sony - my name for the guy who happens to be working there - to hook up the TV to a DVPNS930 (I think that's the model number) with another scart.

    They had Lilo & Stitch as the DVD - my review began...

    First impressions were very very good. The picture had a very 'cinematic' sheen to in (or televisual), and no niggles in the picture were glaringly obvious to me.

    Colours were perfectly contained and very natural. Contrast levels were just as good & the picture was very naturally sharp.

    People's comments about all 36" TVs having some problem with Geometry are very true - with just a few seconds of looking bends & niggles & not quite perfect straight lines were perceptable - particularly toward the edges of the screen. However with the 'ice' scenes in Lilo & Stitch there wasn't any visible 'greying' to the sides of the picture - which is a common problem I've read of with 36"ers.

    The Geometry wasn't enough to detract from enjoying the picture at all - and it isn't noticeable until you get rather close & actually LOOK for the problems.

    A word about the DRC-MF, which appears to work wonders. To me it's similar to pixel-plus from philips only without the niggles of - well - 'pixelisation' and loss of colour naturalness and smoothness of movement. It also - to my eyes - appears to be a more effective picture enhancement than Progressive Scan (at least on a 36" TV with PAL Video).

    Can't comment on sound as Mr Sony also hooked up the DVD player to the STRVA555ES & A Seperates Speaker System.

    Main problem with the TV was that Cinematic 'Sheen' I mentioned, which - whilst it is cinematic - it isn't very lifelike. It's very very good, but it lacks that last ounce of 3Dimensionality that the best Toshiba TVs I've played with have managed, and the picture as a whole tends to be less convincing.

    Price is very tempting though, have found the 36"er for around £1290 from http://www.prcdirect.co.uk .

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