Sony 36" Widescreen..any good?



I've been looking for reviews of Sony 36" Widescreen televisions in the home cinema magazine but haven't managed to find any yet...

I would like to know how they compare to Philips/Toshiba/Panasonic equivalents

I've found a couple of links on the web that seem to be different models but look identical...not sure what the difference is :confused:

KV36FS76 36


I've got a budget of £1500 possibly extending by a couple of hundred depending if its worth the extra...

anyone got any recommendations?



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Got the sony KVFS76U,fantastic picture (even though the tube on mine is broken thanks to the delivery men!!)


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I bought a Sony KV36FS76 from John Lewis in February (£1300 delivered) after reading the review here

However, I found the picture quality to be awful and not a patch on my trusty KV32FX20. Dark parts of the screen were causing a smear effect, and the velocity modulation could not be turned off, unless you had the TV in "Movie" mode. The downside of Movie was that you couldn't alter the brightness/contrast :-( I was really really really disappointed with this set, especially after always having Sony's, and the above review rating it so highly. Other people on forums have stated that they love the TV, but I just couldn't get on with it. All my inputs were RGB using QED SQART scart leads, and a spent a whole day adjusting the settings to get things correct. In the end I decided enough was enough.

Luckily for me, JL let me return the TV and get a full refund. I'd also not managed to sell my 32" set, so started using that again. I've now stayed with that set!

I would strongly recommend that you audition the set in store before buying. Aim to get a good RGB source connected up so that you can assess it properly (DVD/Freeview/Sky), and ensure it is wired correctly (many shops simply have a composite feed from a distribution box). Don't judge the TV just on the analogue tuner built in.

It is a strange set - on some scenes, the picture looked AMAZING, but on others, it was worse than my 14" Bush TV that is in the bedroom. It was just impossible to find the correct balance. I'd think that I'd cracked it and say "WOW that's great" and then 10 seconds later, when the colour or brightness of the scene changed, it would look awful. JL couldn't come to pick the set up for 5 days, and I actually did NOT enjoy watching TV for those few days.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything about my experiences.




thanks for your feedback!

I was unsure about buying a 36" Sony since I couldn't find it under the buying guide of 'What Widescreen' mag .. all places were occupied by Toshiba/Philips/Panasonic

I'll probably pop down to John Lewis and have a stroll around


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