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Sony 32V4000 or Panasonic TX32LXD85?

Which is the best TV for the money

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I am buying a TV tomorrow but cant decide between the Sony and the Panasonic. The Sony comes in at £369.95 and the Panasonic at £474.94. The main difference between the two is that the Pany has 100Hz Motion Picture Pro, which i have been told is very good for sports.

The TV will be used for playing Games and watching HD movies through the PC and watching Sd through the freeview.


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Excuse me, but who is doing the Panasonic 32LXD85 at £475?


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Thanks on the votes for my poll:), so far the Sony wins 6-5, so still undecided:confused:the thing that is really getting to me is the 100Hz for Sports and fast motion in both games and movies, is this really needed? and the 24fps that i have heard is important for watching BlueRay?


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I have decided to go for the Sony as i cant justify spending an extra £100 on the Pany for the 100Hz, especially if this feature can not be turned off. Also i believe that tvs are like computers, after a year a new model will come out with new technology that means that you have to upgrade again:(.


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I was also torn between these 2 (see my other posts) and have gone out and bought the Sony 32S4000 today (same spec as the V4000) from my local Sony centre.

I've only watched it for an hour or two but think I made the right choice. The colour and depth of the image at times make it look almost three dimensional.

Straight out of the box on home standard settings from an aerial and the built in freeview, it looks superb, a little overly bright so maybe the backlight and contrast may need tinkering with but still far far better than what I was expecting.
Upscaled DVDs via my PS3 on 1080i look amazing and not far short of the one Blu Ray disc I tested which is a relief as it means all my old DVDs are certainly not redundant.

As for the 100hz I really haven't noticed any issues with blur, smudging etc so don't regret not having this feature at all (yet at least). Tested PS3 Burnout Paradise City (very fast moving) and The Bourne Identity and no issues so far from normal viewing distance.

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