Sony 32S2530 for £599 free delivery


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Thanks for the heads up on that! :smashin: , just ordered with Quidco too so hopefully another 3.5% off.

Been wondering what to get for the last month and you just swung it. :clap:


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no problrm, glad someone got a bargain

Getting that TV for £578 (incl quidco discount) is a bargain RRP is £899


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I saw this TV on the comet website around 1pm and it did look like quite a good deal, I might have bought it had I researched the TV a bit more, although not sure if getting the Toshiba 32WLT68 @ £649 is a better deal

Mikey K

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I considered that Tosh & the Samsung but bought two from this deal this afternoon for the Kitchen and Bedroom. Our Sony CRT has been superb so lets see how we go on! ;)


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Samsung=Sony but cheaper?


I did realise this when I ordered but considering the Samsung panel lottery and the price I was getting the Sony for I went for the Sony.
I certainly wouldn't pay over £600 for the Sony, I probably would have got the fact, I actually have a Samsung LE32R74BD sitting on my doorstep as I type this waiting to go back to Dabs. It turned up yesterday but with a dead panel, sound (not great I might add) but no picture (for info it was an AU panel). It was worth a gamble as a used/return for £475.

There is not a lot of difference between LCD's at this price range, all have their good and bad points you just have to weigh up what you are going to use it for and what your priorities are, the Sony ticked all the boxes for me. The Samsung and Tosh (3030 or 68) were a bit iffy but if someone was doing a really good deal on either of those I may have gone for them.

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