Sony 32LS65 - NTSC playback problem (sync???)


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I just bought 32LS65 last week and generally I am very satisfied with the set. No major problems with geometry, except those typical for TV in this price range, picture is sharp and crisp and DVD playback is just great.
However since I have several movies in NTSC I discovered strange but annoying problem during NTSC playback. Anyway, there happens to be some strange distortion in the picture that appears from time to time in the form of “invisible” horizontal line or so in the top area around 7-8 cm from the top of the tube. The distortion looks like some kind synchronization problem in the picture that appears only during playback of so called “fast” scenes. It causes strange distortion in the picture that looks like the top part is somehow shifted. Not a very big problem but visible....

Generally during NTSC playback I have a feeling that some frames are being not displayed correctly and there is some kind of flickering from time to time.

I am not an expert in this field and I have no idea whether such behavior is normal for PAL TV when display NTSC signals. However I would really appreciate some advice from you guys. I was planning to contact my dealer on Monday and perhaps ask them to take a look and even replace the set.

What is happening and what would you advise to do???



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Originally posted by df1603
...strange distortion in the picture that looks like the top part is somehow shifted
Do you mean that the top, about one eighth, of the picture is bent (hooked) quite significantly to either the right or left? If yes, it may be the TV disliking the Macrovision any-copying signal.

If the effect is very very subtle, you mention it occurs during movement. Check again. Does occur during, not exactly movement, but during rapid changes in the brightness of the picture (movement often causes rapid changes in brightness). If it is brightness, and if the effect is a very slight change in the size of the picture (eg it may swell or shrink in the part of the picture that is brighter than others) then this (voltage regulation bounce) is, I'm afraid, typical of many CRT TVs and can only be partly solved by reducing your brightness and/or contrast settings.


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Nope, I have this problem visible with any NTSC signal i.e. VHS recorded broadcast signals from the US,
No problems at all with PAL signal....
This very problem is also described in attached post, I think I am not the only one with this issue, which looks like another Sony design flaw.....
I think I will contact my dealer on Monday and perhaps return the Sony back to store.

any idea what is wrong????

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