Sony 32fx68 and blue haze.



I was a happy owner of a 32fx68 for one month , but today to my horror , the picture has a heavy blue haze on the it .It seems like the tv can not display the color black .For example when I change the picture to 4:3 mode the borders seem blue instead of back .As you might i

Any body have an idea could be wrong. Also, since I only have the tv for a month , am I entitled to get a replacement or do I have to let the store try and repair the tv first.



I'd check your cables first. If it's definitley the TV then you are entitled to a replacement or refund because in law, any goods sold must be of "satisfactory quality". An £800 + TV that fails after a month is obviously not satisfactory and gives you a right to reject it.

The shop may insist on sending an engineer out to inspect the TV. This is reasonable. Assuming the engineer acknowledges a fault with the set, get him to put it in writing and sign it for you. He'll then probably want to take your TV off for repair. Refuse. Then go to the shop with your signed evidence that the TV is faulty and request a replacement to be delivered and the faulty one collected.


Ive got the same problem. bought a sony 28fx68 few months back and after one month of trouble free viewing my degause curcit packed in. sent it back to the dealer who replaced it. no problems until last night whilst playing on my xbox. screen flickered causing the OSD to pop on for a couple of seconds and then disappeared. didnt think much of it so i continued using it. after about 10 to 20 min the screen showed a blue haze which got progressively worse. turned it off and unplugged it. turned it back on after 12 hours to find the same problem.

I decided to switch between the screen settings (live,Movie etc) and found the Live setting was very blue. all my contrast setting are approx 50% as i find the default setting a far to high.

Did you manage to sort it out as its starting to drive me :mad: I have read other entries on this site about entering the service menu. dont know how to get access and to be honest i dont really want to messing with things i shouldnt. but if this is a way of fixing the problem i will be more than happy to listen to your comments.

Never would have expected so many problems with a Sony product. very unhappy.



Not too sure, but within the first month you should expect a replacment, after that you should take reasonable steps to effect a repair.


cheers for the reply, I have unplugged it and all seems well now. it must have had a funny moment. if it happens again i will contact sony to get advice. however,from what i have read in other comments it dosent seem to be the most helpful option. anyway, i will see ow things go for the next couple of months. will keep all posted if i experience any further probs.

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