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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Sunspark, Aug 24, 2002.

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    I've had my Sony 32FX60U for a while now and ever since I got it I've had problems when there is a lot of red on screen - parts of it turn orange.
    It's been taken away a few times to be repaired at the local Sony centre and they say that the tubes been replaced but I'm getting exactly the same problem in the same place on the screen as before.

    I do have a shielded centre speaker sitting on top of the screen but this hasn't caused problems on any of the loan sets I've had or my original panasonic TV.

    Sony have come back to me and said that the TV is within design tolerances and will probably only happen when playing back from a VCR.

    Has anyone else had similar problems with this model or other TVs?

    The only plus point is that I can get half the money back I paid for this TV on trade-in.


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