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    Can anybody help. . . . please.
    Soon to receive my 3rd Sony 32FQ75, all have been replaced due to same problem but nobody (even Sony) can tell me what the problem is. Briefly, the TV goes bright blue and clicks onto standby, followed by the LED flashing 5 times. The number of times it flashes indicates what the problem is yet despite 2 letters to Sony (who I have to applaud actually because they have agreed to replace the set, when Hi-Spek, the retailer would not) they just say thay a Sony qualified service engineer would know. . . . . well everyone engineer I have spoken to (and believe me there been a few!) said they did not know and would contact Sony but were unable to come back with any reply!!!!!!!!
    Although the set is being replaced I am curious to know what the actual problem has been - anybody got any guesses or has the same happened to you?

    Many Thanks, Ian

    SPECTRE, can u pls move this post to Televisions, Sorry!!!!

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