Sony 32EX403 and .avi files


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Recently bought a Sony 32EX403 and am very pleased with it.

I can't view .avi movies on it .. either from a FAT32 formatted 4GB USB stick (can view .jpg photos from this) and from my Netgear ReadyNAS which has 2 x 1.5gb NTFS formatted drives (also can view the .jopg files).

Is there anything I can do .. new Firmware? settings ?

Can read my ReadyNAS fine and directories, just not .avi files ?

Same on the USB disk.

Any ideas helpful. Thanks. :thumbsup:


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I can play avi files, its mkv it doesnt like. Also on some files i get 'playback not available' yet its shows on the menu screen? I can only think its picky with codecs?

Best solution is to convert them to divx files. Use the divx player to do this. First you will have to activate divx on the tv.
Go into settings and get the divx activation code, go to the website stated and follow the instructions.


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It will be the codec, i have the same problem with some of my files. Most likely the TV wont support the video or audio codec. All AVI's are different because they are essentially "folders" better known as containers. You may have known that already.


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If the EX series can actually play back .divx containers then it must have some level of MPEG-4 ASP support (I was under the impression they did not).

The .avi and .divx containers are pretty much the same if you rename the .avi to .divx see if it works, of course it will only work if the video was encoded into a DivX compatible profile in the first place.

Karlos D

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It will play Hi-Res, but only in MKV files. My 40ex403 plays most avi's from either memory stick or across the network, but occasionally it will say "playback not available"

is it actually showing the .avi files when you select the usb drive / nas in the movies menu and failing to play them, or is it not actually showing the .avi files on the menu?


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So why wont my .mkv files show up in the menu? Some of my divx/avi files show yet i get the playback not available?

Why would that be? - codec or high res? > are they the only possibilites?

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