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Folks -
I can't find any previous posting about this problem with my model of TV - I know it's a common problem so forgive me if it's been asked before...

I've just returned to the UK from a few years in the US, where I bought a Sony DVP-7700 DVD player - obviously a region 1 player with NTSC output.

Yesterday I took delivery of my new 32DX100, but I'm having a problem playing NTSC DVDs through the SCART inputs...

I purchased a S-Video to SCART lead, but when I connect to SCART AV3 input, I get black and white pictures which shake every few seconds. When connecting to SCART AV1 or AV2 I just get a steady black and white picture. Connecting the DVD player to the S-Video input on the front of the TV works just fine (but I don't like leads sticking out at the front!)

Is there a service menu change I need to make for the SCARTs? If so, how do I do this on a 32DX100? (Or perhaps I've bought the wrong cable? The 7700 also has component video output if that helps. Let's not talk composite - we're all grown ups here:)

TIA for any advice...

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Yeah, you need to enable NTSC for S-Video. It has been posted elsewhere on the forum....


This can be fixed by changing a parameter in the TV's service menu.
Press display - 5 - vol+ - power on, to enter the service menu (Display will show TT in upper right corner)
Go to settings menu
Change NTSC AutoSyncYC to on for AV2 or AV3 (or both).

Or ........

Contact the Sony consumer helpline on 08705 111 999 (Option 5).

Or get an engineer out to do it if you don't feel comfy doing it yourself. :)


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Thanks for the reply.

Then I guess my question is: how do I get into the 32DX100 service menu? Both the 'dimpled button' approach and the 'display/5/vol+...' method refer to different models.

Does anyone know for sure how to get into the service menu for the DX100?


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Try the method that uses the remote control first (don't forget to put TV into standby). If that doesn't work, use the other method. Most Sonys use the same method for getting into the service menu.

You can't damage anything by trying either of them ;)

On my Sony, after standby, I press i+/5/vol+/TV to get into the service menu (TV button is the one with the squarish symbol, TV-shaped)


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Just hold down the program plus and minus in the front panel and turn on the tv. Then press the menu button twice, enter the bottom entry, think its called special adjustment, then scroll down and your see that for two av inputs NTSC is turned off.

Why? who knows.

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