Sony 3200ES Concerns : Component -> HDMI


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Hi - hope any 3200ES owners can put my mind at rest before I take the plunge!

Having gone through the manual - and searched on the forum - I'm still not 100% clear on the Component -> HDMI functionality of the 3200ES (there seems to be conflicting info).

I thought it was pretty clear cut - in that the 3200ES will throw out on HDMI anything you feed it on Component. Then I found this passage in the manual:

"You can convert only 480i component video signals into HDMI signals, S Video signals or video signals. Signals are converted from 480i interlace scanning to 480p progressive scanning, then the signals are output"

I was planning on keeping my XBox media centre - which is throwing out 720p component. From the above Sony statement - it kinda suggests that this won't make it out via HDMI.

Can anyone just let me know if that's correct?



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From what i can tell from this spec i found on Stone Audio, it will take 480i Composite, 480i S or any Component from 480i to 1080i and it'll output to 480p-1080i Composite or 480p-1080p HDMI.

But i couldn't say for certain, so i've probably just added to your confusion.

Don Agha

I have a 3200ES, I have connected my xbox 360 via component and the amp is connect to my bravia via HDMI and it was giving me 1080i or 720p depending on what I am running on the xbox at the time.

So I am sure that answers your question !


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Don have you tried running the Xbox in 1080p, to see if the 1080 on component is passed through as 1080p on the HDMI.



Don Agha

Don have you tried running the Xbox in 1080p, to see if the 1080 on component is passed through as 1080p on the HDMI.



My screen does not take 1080P over component.

So let me clarify.

Connecting the 360 to the AMP via component and the AMP connected to the screen via HDMI it does not run at 1080P. Also connecting the Xbox directly to the screen via component does not run it at 1080p.

So in summary until M/S provide a HDMI port on the console then it will never run at 1080P on my screen.


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If your tv supports 1080p over HDMI, then the 5200es model will take a 1080p signal from the xbox360 via component and output it via HDMI at 1080p.

It will also take any signal input via component, composite, s-video at any signal quality and output it at 1080p via HDMI if you so wish.

richard plumb

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does it pass out what it gets (with pehaps deinterlacing of 480i), or does it upscale to whatever resolution you set?

I'd prefer the former as it would mean less processing and less potential to introduce lag for games machines.

Ideally can anyone give impressions of this receiver when using a games console hooked up to it? Is there any lag between the original signal and the image you see on the TV?

richard plumb

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also, does it cross convert from HDMI to component?

I need the following connected

component - Wii, DVD player, Xbox 360

thats all the inputs full.

but I want to drive my projector and TV. So will the receiver output all 5 of those inputs on both component and HDMI (don't need scaling, just passing out what comes in is fine), or will HDMI inputs only go out of the HDMI output? (I think I read that the component inputs will come out of the HDMI outputs.)

If so, i'd need to wire a big HDMI lead to my PJ, and get a HDMI splitter which seems a PITA. Is there any receiver that will do this? (i.e output any input on any output)?

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