Sony 3200 vs 5200 - is this right?


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Hi folks,
I was looking at the Sony 5200ES to go with my new Sony 40X2000. After reading here and the US forums Im now concerned that the extra money spent for the 5200 over the 3200 could be a waste! Actually giving it some more thought not sure I actually need the scaler - can anyone help please?

Currently I have Sky HD and a non upscaling DVD player and PS2. Im looking at replacing the DVD player with something like the Denon 1930 and will replace the PS2 with PS3. Am I correct in thinking that if I have all sources that output 1080i/1080p then I have no need for the scaler technology in the 5200ES?

If this is true then would I be more sensible to purchase something like the 3200 and spend the money on an upscaling DVD player? Any advice,input suggestions would be gratefully received :)

Many thanks


richard plumb

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Yes. The scaler isn't supposedly all that good in the 5200 - at least I've read some bad comments about it.

The 3200 seems a good compromise. Amplifies audio over HDMI, upconverts all analogue sources to HDMI (doesn't scale, just digitises them).

I would like to know if it also converts HDMI inputs across to component outputs. I'd like to drive both my TV and projector and a cheap way to do that would be HDMI to the TV and component to the projector.

Otherwise I'd need a HDMI splitter which are expensive.

The Spaniard

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BUMP - I too would like to know about how the amps handle compoment output - comparable to hdmi? :lease:

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