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What volume (approx.) do people run for 'average' listening on their 3200?? I got my new amp hooked up to a set of B&W MT20's and initially thought that something was wrong, as I heard nothing for ages while turning up the volume.
Got to about -30db before having a 'reasonable' listening volume.

I'm a newbie to this malarky so don't know if this is normal or if something's up!! Seems strange to have all the adjustment -∞ and -50 when you can't hear anything/much anyway.



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On my 5200 I watch TV at around -30db to -20db and films at around -10db

Seems to be the same with all amps like this, was the same on all the denons and arcams I have owned.




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On mine Sky tv is around the -20 to -11 mark but I do like it loud and bassy!!
Movies/ Games consoles are anything from -5 up to -15db.

Normal (Quieter or late at night viewing) is as thudspud said , around the -20 to the -30 mark.

Hope this helps!:thumbsup:


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different combinations of speakers and amps will mean different volume levels to get a suitable listening level, likewise the size of room and the furnishings within it can affect perceived volume too...


I've just upgraded from a STR-DB2000QS to the STR-DA3200ES, listening levels were around -25 to -20 on the 2000, I've had to go to around 15-10 on the 3200.

The difference in volume is more evident on digital inputs, phono from my plasma has only dropped by around 5, whereas the digital inputs have dropped 10-15.

Guess it's nothing to be concerned about - although it's got me thinking about upgrading my speakers (any exscuse) - so while I'm at it, any recommendations for a decent 6/7.1 setup?

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