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Sony 26/32/40 S3000/t3000 Owners Thread


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So I constantly see S3000 floating around.Personally I think its a great tv even by just seen it in on various stores.So all owners should be gathered here for questions,problems


There is T3000 version as well which is only cosmetically different only,but also all sizes use the S-PVA panel

The 26" version of S3000 has different panel(TN panel vs S-PVA)



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I've just got the kdl40s3000 and have to say, it's great.

The freeview picture is much better than i expected from an LCD the DVD picture is excellent.

It may not have all the bells and whistles of the D,V,W & X series but for the average user I don't think they are necessary.

Paid £599 for mine from Amazon (they even refunded the delivery due to a delay) and at that price I don't think you can go wrong.



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hi everybody!!!!

i am already a proud owner of a 40 inch D3000 :smashin:

however, i have a friend who wants to buy the

20" S3000 (maybe i can convince him to get the 26)

and he/I have the following questions

he wants to use it as an external monitor for his macbook and was wondering if it is possible to connect it.

personally i use a dvi-hdmi to connect my powerbook to my 40", but i know the the macbooks don't have dvi....

lep would be appreciated


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VGA cable then


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Well, all i can say is that the 40s3000 certainly has a PC connector. (VGA)

Haven't used it yet though.



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You can display at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 768 (WXGA) through the VGA monitor port and at 1360 x 768 through the HDMI ports.


alrite im new and i found you guys on google i was wondering if you could help me with something i bought a 32" s3000 off dixons and it has already packed up after 1 day of use afew dead pixels and backlight issues such as flashing. Well i was wondering if dixons will do a straight swap because im under their 28 days return policy or will i have to send it off then they will send me a replacement. Advice will be greatly appreciated cheers guys.

robbie red

Hi guys. Does anyone have any of their user settings for the 40S3000? I will be using the internal tuner, Sky+, and DVD (all sd material). Have saw some settings on AVS but that is an American forum and wasn't sure if they would equate to GB viewing. Hope you can help me out here as I'm still contemplating either the 37P3020 or this model. Thanks everyone.


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I can answer the second part of your post:The 40S3000 is a bigger tv and has some better connectivity options,if money is not a problem get the 40S3000


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I think from memory I have standard picture setup as

Backlight 3
Contrast 50
Brightness 55
Colour 50
Sharpness 15
noise reduction Auto
Tone neutral
Picture Colour Standard (not wide)
Adv contrast on

2 Points though on the TV;

1. I do notice on the S3000 that if you are not directly in front of the screen then as you increase your viewing angle the picture significantly greys/whitens.

2. I have Sky+ on RGB input scart input 2 and a DVD player on HDMI input4. I have to put the sound offset for HDMI input 4 to +9 as the volume difference between the HDMI input and the scart input is very noticeable. IE the Sky+ box is loud at 15 on the volume bar but the DVD isn't. (I've lowered the SKy+ audio output level, but my DVD doesn't have an option to increase the audio volume it outputs).

Anyone else experience the above on the S3000?


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