Sony 2400ES am tuner issue


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I've got a strange problem with the am tuner on my Sony DA2400es.

When I tune to stations at the lower end of the band, stations at the higher end appear.

For example BBC World Service should be 648kHz but Gold radio (which should be 1548kHz) is output and Spectrum 558kHz outputs Sunrise Radio (which should be 1458kHz). As the unit was new, I exchanged it but the same problem remains. I'm using the am loop antenna which Sony supply with the amp. In fact I can't get any stations, as they appear in frequency lists, below about 909kHz.

Does anyone know why I'm getting this frequency leak from higher to lower frequencies? Does any other 2400ES owner have this problem?

Any answers or suggestions would be really appreciated.



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Isn't there a "US / rest of world" setting for the tuner in the setup menu?


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Thanks for your reply Mark.

I would imagine that they have set Europe as a default for models in the UK. I have CEL/CEK acording to the back of the amp. You can change it to 10kHz steps but that's for the US. Or am I wrong?

Fascinated to know if others in UK/ NW Europe are getting BBC World Service on 648kHz or have any problems with the am tuner. If just one 2400 owner in my region could confirm, I'd be really grateful.

Thanks again.


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i am in the US and i too have the 2400ES. there is a company here in the US called Pixel Satellite Radio that basically is an antenna company and they do more commercial type antennas. i called them and ordered one of their Sirius antennas and then ordered a "whip" style AM/FM/HD radio antenna to compensate for the lackluster AM reception on the receiver.

they told me that these new receivers, not just sony, are scaling back on their AM/FM tuners since most people really dont use them any more for AM or FM reception. since these receivers are mainly audio and video processors from other sources they have scaled back on the old school AM and FM tuners. even when i connected the external whip antenna that has a large amount of gain it still did not pick up AM reception very well and it dropped off at night to almost no reception at all.

other than this issue i absolutely love my 2400ES


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Unfortunately, US and Europe broadcasting are so totally different than any information from one region is of little use in the other region. Europe uses the public DAB standard, North America uses the propriertry Sirius XM. AM uses different steppings. FM uses different frequency bands. There are additional considerations.

As a result, A/V receivers sold in US and Europe have different tuner sections. Whilst no A/V receiver contains the digital broadcasting functionality of the other region, many, but by no means all, do have a switch for selecting the appropriate AM or FM feature set for the relevant region.

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