Sony 2011 insider info


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This makes for interesting reading and explains everything about the new 2011
range of 3d led tv's.
The X reality pro chips are dual core and Standard reality chips single core.
The bravia 3 chip from the info i have is just as good as the X reality pro.
Only added advantages are web video rendering is better with X reality pro.
I hope you can see the guide i also have the jpegs for it if needed.

edit sorry the complete book is to big for the system.

If you want more info pages please request them.


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this question is more toward the philosophy of life on this subject more than the debate of value.

are they 'building hype' like they do everytime something new or better is made? or is this something that auctually differentiates itself to an extreme that hasent been met before with other 'breakthroughs'

great information though i printed it for my sales staff :D


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Finally they have started to use Black Frame insertion, it only took them 5 years:facepalm:

Their timeline is slightly wrong, they seem to think Bravia Engine wasn't introduced until 2008.
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