Sony 1200ES - And what about the sub


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I have this amp set up the the Q Acoustic 5.1 package and it sounds great but my sub doesn't seem to be seing much action.

The whole lot is set up as per usual and I have calibrated using the auto calibrate option and during these tests I can hear the sub. The crossover is set at 90 (as suggested in the speaker manual) and the subs volume is set to max.

Yet in normal use (with a dolby digital source) the sub does nothing. The light on the back of the thing is always red when I have a look.

Now the auto calibrate has decided that the sat speakers are "large" so I don't know if that has anything to do with anything. And when I run something like the THX test of the T2 DVD, the sub does it's stuff.

So is this right or would any owners care to tell me where I went wrong?



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IM looking to buy one of these recievers , i have an older sony strd780 or something like that , but if you use a sub you genraly select yes to the sub in the setup menu and set all speakers to small , this then lets the amp /reciever send LFE,s to the sub and not the speakers , check your settings , it sound like youve missed something ?when listening to music you may need to lower the sub volume ,but it should be fine for movies


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Try setting your sub crossover to max during autosetup. Then adusting back down around the manual recommendation afterwards to set the desired level.


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As DOG187 says, set your front speakers to small then say "hello" to your sub.


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I have spent the last 2 hours at this.

I have double checked everything and rerun the auto calibrate. I then changed the speakers to small. I even turned the volume on the sub down during calibration and then up again afterwards to give it a little help.

So with my DTS test disc, all is fine. Lots of boom and crash as one would expect. Stick on T2 and the cat (who was sat on top of the sub at the time) should have made it to the coast by now :eek:

But when there is no LFE track, not a lot happens. Is it perhaps that for normal viewing, not a lot happens at this level anyway? Am I looking for something that is not there?

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I think your assumption is correct.

The Sub picks up the low frequency, sometimes the sats do the work depending on how low that frequency is.

If you can hear it in the DTS testing then I cannot see you have a problem


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the majority of TV programs wont rattle your sub at all.....its mostly DVD films that will do this....

however, one thing that is worth trying is upping the subwoofer channel level on the amp and lowering the subs own gain control.....this is useful if the sub has an auto-detect mode where it only powers on when it gets a signal....if your sub has this setup then it could be that the output from amp to sub is too low for the sub to detect on normal programs.....raising the channel level on the amp and lowering the volume on the sub itself will get around this usually..


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Thanks all.

After a bit more teaking I think I have been looking (or listening) for stuff that is not there during normal TV viewing.

One exception however is that Spongebob Squarepants on Nicktoons rocks the living room whilst Dr Who and Lost does nothing. Go figure but my 4 year old thinks it's cool.

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