sony 1200 av amp set up


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i ve just noticed that theres another thread on here but id thought that id ask anyway.
im setting this av amp for a friend of mine with a panny px70 and panny dvd player.
firstly , i cant even get the on screen display up the way it tells me to in the book.
2.finally got the amp running without the on screen display and come across that the dvd sound will not work .
this is when i have dvd to amp > hdmi then av amp to tv.
that puzzles me .
then i just added an optical from dvd to amp in video 1 , got sound then the picture went out.
got fed up and
then removed the dvd to amp hdmi and put the dvd direct to tv and optical to amp.
that finally got picture and sound
there has to be another way.
i thought that hdmi carried sound too !
surely there must a way to plug the dvd to amp so that hdmi 2 on the can be kept clear.
my friend is having sky hd installed next week , im assuming that im going to need another optical for that too if sky hd goes goes av amp via hdmi.
it appears that these hdmi connections on the amp work like rgb scarts.
please correct me here
can someone help me out on all counts here.
boy the older pioneer av amps ( 2011 , ax5 non hdmi stuff ) are soo much easier to deal with.



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Hiya again.

the 1200 doesnt do anything with the sound just acts as a hdmi switcher..So you tv will receive the sound but the amp does nothing with it.
You will need optical/coax.



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ive rathered that now.
the optical is now in and the sound comes out .
however, i want to put the dvd >hdmi >av amp and get sound
i had to connect direct to tv and optical to amp.

also i need to get the on screen display up


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The on screen needs svid or component - it wont appear on the screen using hdmi. Just connect up the svid to the tv and select it as a source, hit the receiver key on the remote (lights up) then hit "on screen" (and menu) - should work from then on.


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thanks for that .
i dont have a svideo cable at this time.
can i not use a single cable and connect it to video phono at the back of the amp under monitor out and then put the other bit in the back of the tv where it says av4 ( thats how you sort on screen stuff had it been a pioneer 2011/ ax5 ?
this amp maybe good for the money but it also appears to be a right headache !

im very dissappointed that the hdmi dont carry sound as well into the av amp.
i thought that would be the whole idea !


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Yes you can use a single composite cable in the way you've described. :)

Regarding amps that can act as HDMI sinks, you're normally looking at the higher spec amps in the line-ups. e.g. the 3200ES can process audio received over HDMI. :cool:

Big smiles,



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dan it appears that you are indeed the man !!!!!!!!!

any other tips or short cuts for this amp ?


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Regarding amps that can act as HDMI sinks, you're normally looking at the higher spec amps in the line-ups.

This is so true and such a bad aspect of this, and similar priced receivers. They should put it in big bright letters on the front of the manual! I cant help but feel the manufacturers hold back this feature for their mid range babies to force ppl to move up the ladder :mad:

My 1st instance of this pain in the :r0: was on the ps3 where there are limited audio options for optical (on the Linear PCM front it manages max 2 chanel 48HZ ) while the HDMI will carry 5 and 7 chanel LPCM. By the time all inputs are connected, I'll have optical digital all over the place! The fact is it's not a cheap amp either.

I think my 1200 will go to the trade section of the forums.

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