Sony 1080 or DAVS880


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i'm torn between getting the 1080 and then having to upgrade my speakers (to probably the 835s) or going for the DAV880

i would appreciate everyone's comments




The 1080 will destroy the 880 any time of the day. You will have to have seperate speakers though.



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Totally agree... the 1080 would without a doubt be the better option. The only reason you should even consider the DAV is if space is an issue...



Seperates all the way. The 1080 is a vastly better choice over all-in-one packages. You will need to purchase more speakers and this will cost more, but the fun in building the set-up and the difference in quality will be worth it.

I think everyone on this forum will agree. :D


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thanks for the quick replies

i guess you've just confirmed my suspicions that separates are better

i currently own a yam dsp a590 which i've been really impressed with but want to replace to have dolby digital

space is a concern though and i liked the davs880 in that respect

decisions decisions



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i have hit a major obstacle in my av

im currently decorating my lounge/dining room and also upgrading my kit.....

the girlfriend doesn't mind the soon to be bought 32" sony/panny - in fact she's really keen on a new telly

what she wants out of the room is all my black kit - yahama dspa590 black amp, 2 black mission speakers, 2 black marantz rears, big black centre on the telly and definitely my BIG black kef reference series sub :(

she's not even keen on me getting the sony 835 speaker kit in silver as she says the little speakers look like bugs eyes :eek:

my cousin's bough the sony davs880 which she likes the look of

whilst i like the look it seems to be quite a compromise on sound even compared to my current dolby pro logic yahama dspa592 amp

reading reviews on here the pioneer 303/505 seems better than the sony 880

just don't know which way to go :(

can anyone offer some advice please?


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Hi Neil,
I had the same problem; wife loves 36" Panasonic but hates anything black! My treasured Technics separates system had to go after she went out and brought me a silver Sony 905 DVD player and told me that the black HiFi and rack had to go and it was ok if I replaced them with a silver setup.
I bought a Sony STR 1080 and absolutely loved the sound compared with my ageing Technics SA-GX690 the difference was amazing.
Although my STR-1080 is being replaced as it has a buzzing fault I had the choice of another model but I choose to stay with the STR-1080 as I was so impressed with the sound quality.
Wife won the battle but didn’t win the War; I still have my Black Mission 765i speakers.

Go for the STR-1080 great features and great price £349.90



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well there's no way i'm going to win the silver v black war

we're decorating and it's got to be silver

i had a quick listen to the pioneer 303 up currys earlier but couldn't turn it up too loud - it sounded ok but i have my reservations about it

i've been looking at the sony 1080 for a while but i would then need to buy the sony speakers which is more bucks

just seems just a shame because my lil mission 751 speakers sound excellent


You should audition the 6056 AV from B & Q, I've got a pair and them a great match for my Sony STRD9055, I had to use Q link cables but it was worth the cost.



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