Sony 1080 Newcomer



I have just purchased a Sony 1080 but I am new to this game

I have 5 KEF speakers, Phillips DVD Recorder, Sky plus and am about to get the new Sony FQ80 TV to replace my Hitachi
I have connected all up (not using coax or optical yet)
And as a novice, results are excellent

I use a Pronto remote which is also excellent.

Question -
1. What is the best way (for a newcomer) to connect these components.

2. What are the best settings that ensure that all the various digital codes are automatically presented eg Prologic II or do I have to adjust the settings for the specs shown on the DVD cover

3. What is the best setting to recieve digital Sky (including BBC etc) that decodes automatically.

Sorry to be so basic, but we have to start somewhere.

In return, I know quite a lot about getting rid of all remotes including the awful 1080 remote and programming/using the Phillips Pronto.


Good choices. I've just ordered the 1080 and I have the Sony FQ75 which has a fantastic picture. Have you got a link to info on the 80?

1. Optical will be fine to connect both the Sky+ box and the DVD player to the amp. That's what I use. You won't believe the improvement in sound quality even for normal stereo broadcasts on Sky.

I know nowt about speaker cable, I just get as good as I can afford usually so I'll let others cover that.

The DVD player should be connected into the Sky+ box through a good SCART lead, then connect Sky to the TV through another, into AV1. This will autoswitch when you turn the DVD player on, and SHOULD allow you to record from Sky as well. It is possible however, that the Sky box won't send out a signal on that scart, in which case, unless you can plug the DVD into AV2 on the TV (which can send out a monitor signal for recording) and have it support RGB (very unlikely on a Sony or HItachi) then you'll probably have to use a SCART switcher which allows both recording and input on the DVD socket. Check out for some good switchers.

2. You should leave your amp on AFD for the DVD input - that will detect DTS/Dolby Digital automatically. You may find that you have to manually switch for some 6.1 disks as the automatic codes are not always present. You don't have 6 speakers anyway, so I wouldn't worry about that.

3. On the Sky input, you should leave ProLogic2 on all the time. I believe (but have not had the opportunity to test this) that even on this setting, it should still switch to 5.1 as necessary.

As for your offer, if you can tell me how to get discrete codes for any of these things, I'd appreciate it;
Sky+ box OFF
Any of the Widescreen modes on the TV.
Selecting an input on the Amp. I have a couple of them but couldn't find a definite list. My 1080 arrives in a couple of weeks with any luck.


Yep, set the TV/SAT channel to DPL2, I think it will default to this if you select the 'Normal Surround' soundfield. If not, just press the button on the amp.

If you want to watcha movie in 5.1, you will probably have to manually change the amp to AFD to get Dolby Digital.



Thanks for your help, I've done all that, and your right, optical much better
Ref FQ80 - haven't found site, but preview was in What Video August Issue. Claims to have new high definition colour board with 2x better freq response. Vertical Picture stabiliser also Sony Memory stick input and software.

Ref discrete codes. Look at for all types of Pronto stuff including codes.
I always use create a control button in the software version, use learn mode on the pronto, then call that button when required either directly or in a macro sequence.
Using the Pronto for input mode, press function on the 1080 scroll down to the mode you want eg dvd, the button press to accept that mode is the one to learned by the pronto.
Hope this helps


Yeah, got most of my codes from remotecentral, great site. Thanks on the 1080 tip - the 930 remote doesn't work like that (I think, will check tonight) but that will be very handy when the 1080 arrives.

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