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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by max101, Nov 4, 2002.

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    i want to connect an xbox up and though of having the svid into the amp under i think its the user1 input selection of sockets.
    Then use user1 output connections to connect an svid cable back to tv. ( Tv and amp/xbox are at opposite ends of room )

    however this has no optical in which the xbox can utilise.

    down the left hand side there are a row of optical in's

    i can use the md/dat socket and select md/dat on the amp and hear the sound fine.

    however if, as above i have the picture going through a "user1" connection socket, how can i select both the sound and pic at same time ( the general idea )

    if i select md/dat i'll get sound but no pic

    if i select "user 1" i'll get pic but no sound

    totally confused. its not like me not to figure a techie manual out in about 5 mins flat. this one is giving me a few probs though. Personally i don't think its very well written.
  2. Biggles


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    Max 101

    I can't give you the exact details, as it's been a while since I played with this, but you want to use the audio split funtion.

    If I remeber correctly you select the input funtion for the picture first and then press the Audio split button and then scroll until you get the sound

    Yes the manual was useless when I tried it, but through a process of trial and error I got it to work.

    I hope this helps
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    As biggles says, you need to select the relevant Video input on the amp (i.e so you get a picture output), then press the "Audio Split" button on the front of the amp. Using the Source select knob, you then just select the relevant digital input (e.g. coax, opt 1, opt 2 etc), then when you're done, press the Audio Split button again... and hey presto. Sound and Picture ;)

    Hope this Helps

    Kelvin :D

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