Sony 1080 Bass Management Question?

Dave Taylor

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What bass management does the new Sony have.

I have large speakers and a sub therefore all speakers would be set to large

What I would like is during Pro-Logic 2 I would like any LF to go to the main speakers and the Sub (for just a little more LF)

But during a DVD in 5.1 I would like the sub to carry only the 0.1 channel.

Will the Sony 1080 do this?

It a shame Sony is so poor at literature. Most companies like Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer etc publish the operating manual on there web sites so you can find this information out before you buy but I cant find anything on the Sony.


You can alter the crossover frequencies for all speakers. I would assume that this would not apply to 5.1 as it is 6 discreet signals. I can only assume that it would apply to DPL etc. where the amp is deciding where to send various sounds.

Maybe someone else could confirm. You can definately alter the crossovers though.

Hope this helps.


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