sony 1080 AVR auto/manual calibration and possible issues



Ive recently added 2x ceiling atmos speakers to my 5.1 surround to make a 5.1.2 set up which sounds awesome!. Im just wondering whether auto calibration using the mic is adequate though?, i mean does it take into account cable length?, or purely sound being received at the calibration mic?, if not i'm assuming its worth measuring manually and using a meter for levels?

I have a samsung Q85R tv and 50% of the time the AVR does not power up when i bring the TV out of standby (im using eARC connection to the samsung one connect box), also sometimes when i power up my sony 700 player with a disc inside (connected to the bluray input on the AVR) , the avr switches to the bluray channel but just shows the black screen with bluray logo bottom left, as if it's not receiving the output from my player. At this point i tried plugging the hdmi sraight in to the tv so i know its not the output from the 700 player. A re-boot of the AVR brings it up. Anyone seen these issues before?. Its still under warranty so may contact RS.



The calibration takes into account the time the audio reaches the mic at the first position. The length of the wire is minimal and measured in micro seconds. You should re-run the calibration everytime a new speaker is added.

Can't help with your other problem sorry.

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