Sony 1030 / Win7 reverts from 5.1 to Stereo on AV standby


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Since having the Sony STR-DN1030 for several months I've noticed after setting Win7 to 5.1 in the Playback options and checking all speakers work correctly, windows goes back to 2.1.

For clarity I did a test.
1) Win7 set to 5.1 in Playback menu.
2) All speakers respond in turn, and AVR shows the source is now 5.1
3) The AVR is turned off, then back on without pausing playback through Win7
4) The AVR now reports a 2.1 source, and Win7 reports stereo speakers again.

The source is a HDMI HD5450 GFX, into the AVR.
When the AVR is turned off the sound is passed through into the Panasonic TX-P42ST50B TV which is stereo. Could this be the issue?

Also, I'm not sure how to determine if when the AVR is able to produce 5.1 from a DTS source (MKV) if Win7 is defaulted back to stereo.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure if this is the right forum as I don't know who's at fault


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You have identified the cause already. In standby the computer will see the TV as a stereo source so limit the output to that. Why not use the amp for all viewing? That way the computer will always see the amp so will always see a surround source so will not revert back to stereo. If the computer is sending stereo to the amp then it can create a pseudo surround sound (prologic) but will not be able to create proper 5.1 since it is only getting a stereo signal.


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Thanks PSM1, after writing the thread trying to be a little more specific than "PC keeps saying stereo", I found a fair few people also have this issue :(
That's an option you've highlighted, but as the amp uses 100w, when watching normal TV (always via PC), I prefer to save on the pennies.
I'll keep looking for a script which can automate the audio from stereo to 5.1 on startup, but I'm not holding my breath for such a simple solution.

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