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Hi guys. I’ve just upgraded my amp to a Yamaha rxa3080 and is currently looking to upgrade my current front speakers(bookshelf golden ear aon2) to floor standing speaker.

my home theatre guy recommended me the sonus faber principia 7. It’ll cost around 2k usd. Was told this is one of the best at that price range for what I’m looking. It’s a good all around speaker. Despite being the entry lvl speaker for sonus faber, guy promised it’ll b good.

my av room is 10 by 10 feet. With 9 feet height. So it’s not big. Reason for upgrading the front is because I’ve been having cracking sound from the bookshelfs when I turn the volume high up. Can’t handle the bass I guess. System is currently 5.1.2. Once I add the 2 front floor standing speakers I’ll use my aon2 as surround to make

1. I currently have a 1 feet( height) shelf. Should I place the floor standing speaker on it so the room can look neat? Or is it better to place it in front of the shelf on the floor instead?

2. looking for opinions on mebbe other options or brands u guys can recommend for that pricing.

any help will b appreciated. Thx in advance


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I’m afraid I have no experience with Sonus Fabers so I’m unable to comment on that aspect, however the only issue I can see with placing your floorstanders on the shelf is that the tweeters will be much higher than your ears when seated.

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