Sonus Faber Lumina/Sonetto vs Piega Classic vs Proac Response DT8

Alex P79

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My current subwoofer (Tannoy R-sub15) is beginning to make a loud popping noise upon turn on and occasionally during playback. I have matching Tannoy R2 floor-standers which I have been very pleased with but I am wondering if, after 15 + years of ownership, it is time to upgrade.

My shortlist, based on research, reviews, aesthetics, level of build/finish, price and UK/European manufacture are:
Sonus Faber Lumina III floors-standers (£2k) or stretching to the Sonetto III floor-standers (£3k)
Piega Classic 5.0 or 7.0 (£1.5 - £2.5k)
Proac Response DT8 (£2k)
Fyne Audio SP501 (£2.8k)
I am not sure about the SP501s but all the others have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and are quite efficient designs in terms of sensitivity.

My room is circa 6.5 m by 3.5 m with the system facing down the room on a short wall. GK acoustics bass traps are positioned behind the speakers and in the corners. The rest of the system is:
Naim CD5si
Arcam DV135 as transport and a newish I-pad playing Tidal Masters both into Arcam D33 DAC
Goldring GL75 turntable
Arcam A28 amplifier (75 wpc into 8/130 ish into 4 ohms)

I have a pair of Piega TS3 bookshelves paired with an Arcam Movie 2.1 (gen 1) and really like the clean sound the combo makes. If i can replicate this in the main system (this one) that would be great. Has anyone any experience of any of the above speakers and how they compare?

FYI I have found the Tannoy sub (huge cabinet and 15 inch driver with twin front ports) really adds welcome low end to the R2s but it is not punchy at all. It has taken me the best part of 9 years to get it sounding right in this room - it has repaid this by throwing the above wobbler. Today I tried two BK Gemini II subwoofers that I have by placing each one next to a speaker and, after some setting up, the punch and speed that was missing for so long is there. The only issue is that the weighty sound the Tannoy sub produces (and took a lot of taming) is not quite replicated, even by two smaller subs located behind the speakers. What ever speakers I go for, unless they have prodigious bass (which may cause its own problems) I may well need to add something like 2 x BK XLS200s to replicate the Tannoy’s bass response.

I will be clear that I don’t want to change any of the electronics, so, if one of the less demanding speaker pairs would be more appropriat, they would be good to know.

Any thoughts on the above speakers would be appreciated.

Alex P79

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I will add the Audiovector QR3 into the mix too. I understand Audiovector and Arcam are/were known to have a certain synergy - indeed Audiovector designed and manufactured the Arcam Alto speaker for Arcam in the early 2000s. Any thoughts on the QR3 or any of the above options that I have mentioned already?

phil t

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Neat SX1

Alex P79

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Thanks for your suggestion. I have considered Neat and their UK manufacture is appealing. I am coming to the conclusion that I like an extended but clear and sweet treble which the AMT tweeters in the Piega and Audivedoor seem to offer. Also I like a large, expansive sound with depth. I know Neat have many attributes and are popular with Naim equipment but I wonder if they offer the sound I am after? This morning I read a review of the Neat Ekstra which suggested it is a great speaker for those who like pub/club type close-miked singer/song writer music - thing is, that’s not really my sort of music. I tend to listen to EDM (Kygo/Avici), heavier rock (Linkin Park), female vocal (Lana Del Rey) and large orchestral. Therefore, speakers with clarity, scale, depth and frequency extension seem to fit the bill.

Incidentally, Kygo appears to use Piega Coax speakers at home.

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