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Hi guys I am just a general browser but my son is a gamer. A few years ago I bought him a budget gaming PC for his birthday which didn't turn out to be much good for gaming. He has 200MB broadband so wasn't that. We first upgraded RAM from 8GB to 16GB, which I got told should be sufficient. We then bought a new graphics card as he wanted to play Oculus Quest on his PC and integrated card wasn't good enough for it. He's still complaining some games are lagging I thought next thing would be to upgrade to SSD but someone said this won't help with gaming just start up time etc. This has made me think maybe he needs to upgrade CPU now, I'll list some of his computer specs below maybe someone will be able to tell if they are good enough?

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with radon vega graphics.
Installed RAM 16GB (14.9 usable)
Graphics card Radeon RX 590 Series

Any suggestions on why gaming still lagging or things we could check? Do we need to upgrade CPU?

BTW just to add I have tried other things like closing unused programmes, using CCleaner etc but still same issue.


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Gaming doesn't use a lot of data (at least for playing, downloading games and updates are large) so a high bandwidth connection is not necessary, but it does demand a very consistent and reliable connection - being often based around split second two-way interaction.

So just because you can push a lot of data, doesn't necessarily mean the connection isn't an issue.

And yeah, games typically work off data in memory and don't load much from disc outside of loading screens - although there are exceptions. I believe Cyperpunk is supposed to be fairly disk heavy.

Which games are problematic? Does it happen on both the VR and non-VR games? Multiplayer only or singleplayer as well?

That's a rounded system offering reasonable general gaming performance so I'd expect there's either an issue of some sort, or he's chasing the most demanding uses which may need several components upgraded.


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Thanks for your reply. I just asked him, he said games like minecraft and roblox lag, when he connects his oculus to PC those games are fine.


Sound slime the wifi is a tiny bit unstable as mentioned by @EndlessWaves.

My stepson plays PC games and for all except one game the wifi from a Nighthawk R7000P router and a 100/40 connection was faultless. With one game though it needs a cable connection (so he simply used a 15m cable through the house of course :) ).

highly capable router and good bandwidth connection - just the one game demanding practically glitch free data transfer.

I’ve just bought an Orbi RB752 mesh with one satellite (wifi 6 etc) and as of this morning he was trying that wifi for the game today. If that works then all good - otherwise I’ll get a cable run to his bedroom and a socket…….

as an aside the Orbi wifi does seem pretty good - it should be at the price!! Speed tests to my ISP servers run more smoothly (I ran a few before and after the router change - same seperate modem) and the upload never used to reach much above 30. Now it’s 38-39 as it should be (my connection if FTTC and synchs at 108/44)

so far so good back at home though - no reports of issues as yet :)


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Roblox and Minecraft are probably the least demanding games from the performance perspective and given your spec, I will flat out say it is unlikely in the extreme to be your sons computer. It is far more likely to be the internet connection.... in some capacity.

Firstly Is he using a wired or wireless internet connection?

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