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Hi Guys

Recently bought a Sonos Play 3 and so impressed with it just bought a few more toys,

Play 5

Im now wanting to add more zones, so the play 3 is coming out the kitchen and being moved to the bedroom

Play 5 will be in kitchen

I would like to add some ceiling speakers to the bathroom and was thinking of some weather proof speakers for the garden.

Can i use the zp90 to my old denon amp via optical to power the speakers in one of the zone's?

Is that how it works or would i need another zp120?




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Your old Denon amp and optical connection - If you are using a digital source with any of the secondary zones in an av amp it will not work as these only work with analogue sources. It would only work if you used the main zone.


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Cheers guys got the rest of the sonos kit today and the zp90 working fine off the av amp powering some floor standing speakers can you switch between two set of speakers on the av amp wondered if i could switch between the garden speakers off the av amp?

Amp has a switch for speaker A/B


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That will work fine so long as you can run speaker cable to that destination, and you don't mind having the same source in both zones. Its a much cheaper option than buying another zone player.

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