Sonos Ray Soundbar Review & Comments


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I've just read through all of the comments. Some really good points there.
For me. The Underlying points are Price & Simplicity.. Yes. I know. Things have moved on and HDMI should be the norm as it adds switching etc, etc, but TOS, despite being ancient just works, straight out of the box, with reasonable sound, and with ZERO issues.
Exactly what the Playbar used to to do.
Just out of interest, what would Bluetooth offer that their app doesn’t for streaming?
First Bluetooth works even when the device reached end-of-life. Which takes a few years but still, it's sad to see a perfectly-functioning speaker not being able to use streaming services because of this.

Also, Bluetooth is more simple and straightforward at least on Android devices (I don't know for iOS): it works exactly like headphones, you just enable Bluetooth, and then you launch any app you use for music and it will transmit the sound directly without needing to use an app. It also allows people who are only visiting to play some music without having to install a dedicated app first.

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