Question Sonos Playbar / Soundbar Wall Mounted Power Supply


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I'm looking to wall mount a Sonos Playbar onto a wall which already has a TV mounted. The TV has a switched fuse spur behind it to power the TV. The power outlet is easily hidden due to the size of the TV.

With regards to the Playbar, I would prefer not to show any cables and I understand you can't hide the power cable behind the wall. So it should be powered with a switched spur like the TV, but as the soundbar is quite a slim narrow unit, I'm not sure how to go about this whilst hiding the switched outlet as well.

Is there any practical way to do this and comply with the regs?


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Why can't you just plug the power for the Playbar into the power outlet hidden behind the TV?
You have to run an optical cable from the TV to the Playbar anyway, so simply use the Sonos Playbar wall mount bracket and locate the Playbar very close to the TV, so that the 2 cables can be easily hidden.


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I was planning to run the optical cable in the wall cavity so its hidden. I believe thats not permitted for the power cable.

I suppose what you suggest is doable but just not as clean looking as separate tv and soundbar units with no cables.


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Why can't the power cable be in the wall? IT shoudl never be an issue, theres plenty of cable in house walls.


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I've got power cable and optical cable hidden behind my floating wall. Something you could consider?

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