Sonos playbar or Sony soundbar?

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im looking to get some home audio which will include a sound bar and some wireless speakers dotted around the house.

I was thinking I would go with sonos as I have had some good recommendations from friends.

However today I heard the Sony HT-NT3 which sounded great, is cheaper and includes a sub. I can then include the wireless speakers at a later date.

Does anyone have any good info on whether these are any good or should I just stick with the Sonos like everyone else seems to?

Thanks in advance, Ben


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The problem with surround sound Sonos is the cost. The other issue is it is more of a music soundbar than a movie one. I umm'd and ahh'd similarly and in the end got a YSP-2500. The Sonos optical only input was an issue given most TVs (with that connection) will down sample to stereo and the lack of format support beyond DD5.1. But maybe that is fine for what you want.

I already have some Sonos gear in the house btw


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I went with the Sony HT-RT5 setup after a lot of oohhhing and aahhing between this option and the Philips Fidelio HTL9100. The sonos option was out because of the additional cost of adding 2 more speakers for the surrounds and it being limited to dd5.1 and the Philips because of the battery in each surround speaker will degrade over time and would be a future necessary expense to have them replaced by Philips. the HT-NT3 is an excellent sounding bar but for a 1 hit solution I cant recommend the HT-RT5 enough its more than capable of replacing a dedicated 5.1 setup not to mention the insane amount of streaming and network options crammed in to a single bar..


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After half a year of
umm'd and ahh'd
in the end I got a YSP-2500 too !

Now I have no words left to speak
that is, simply put,
YSP-2500 sounds really second to none .

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