Sonos gen 2 or Denon Home 550


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Hi all , been looking at new sound bars and found the Sonos beam gen 2 and the Denon Home 550 , I'd like clearer mids as my mids on my Yamaha I think always sounded muddy , does anyone own either of these bars and if so what dya think ??
Also is it better to have more channels in a bar as I see the Sonos is 3 channel , thanks


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This thread is quite old but in case anyone is still interested, I have tried the Sonos Bean Gen 2 and Denon 550 in my home for the last 10 days. Here's my verdict:

Use was mainly to listen to streamed/Intermet radio (Jazz and classsical) music (Use #1) with the option to play TV sound (Use #2) through the bar if it resulted in a noticable quality improvement. Also ocaasional hook up to DVD/CD player (Use #3)..

Sonos: Use #1: Excellent sound quality . Use #2: Varied from no better to somewhat worse than direct from TV. Use #3: Did not try due to connection hassles

Denon 550: Use #1: Good but very slightly poorer than Sonos. Use #2: Same as Sonos. Use #3: Hands down winner - good sound and easy to connect

Overall: If you want any input other than the default audio and TV hook ups the Sonos is way too much of a pain. You have to switch it off at the mains (no on/off on the bar or app) and disconnect the HDMI lable to use a different video input. The Denon is far more flexible and there's not enough differfence in the sound quality to make a difference.

Bonus points to the Denon too for its appearance - much more attractive finish than the Sonos.


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Out of interest can the Denon be setup by simply plugging in connections and using the remote rather than the app? Asking for an elderly parent who would be bewildered by apps and smartphones 😂

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