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Sonos Dropouts


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Hi all

I've recently bought the Sonos BU130 and the Sonos Zonebridge attached to my Netgear DG834G 54mbps firewall/router with a Buffalo Linkstation NAS. The zonebridge is upstairs in the box bedroom attached to the router and I have set the ZP80 downstairs to my hifi(about 6-8m from zonebridge) and the ZP100 in the master bedroom upstairs (about 6m from zonebridge).

Everything was working fine for a while when I started to get dropouts. It started to get quite regular (about 2-3 times per album). First I thought it was when I was only playing through the upstairs ZP100, but it also started to happen to both Zoneplayers when I had them linked. Also if I picked up the controller it would still display the now playing screen and the time couter would stil be counting for the song length, but none of the buttons would work for a few seconds.

I went on the FAQ's on the Sonos website and it said to change the channel. I have changed the channel on the Sonos to channel 1 and my router is on channel 11. It seemed to alleviate the problem for a while, but it has started again. It's nowhere near as bad as it was, it may only happen once in every 50-60 songs I play. But it's still a bit of a nuisance.

Any suggestions? Cheers


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It sounds as if the wireless ability of the Sonos system is not operating stabily enough to work reliably. I would recommend using a wired connection between all of your zoneplayers and the router. If you have difficulty in running the required network cables then I would recommend using Hompleug devices to create wired network connections throughout your house using the existing mains wiring. I have used the Solwise 85Mbps ones in many Sonos installations and they usually work brilliantly.

This is where I get them from:



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Try all different channels. I had similar problems and strangely enough they stopped since I use the same(!) channel (1) for both my wireless network and the Sonos. Although it is stated on the Sonos website not to do that, it does work perfectly in my set-up. So before going the wired route: first try all channels, including the router and the Sonos on the same channel.

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