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Sonos Connect with Speaker switch


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I'm looking for a little bit of advice on my Sonos system expansion. I currently have a Play 5, but due to some major renovations to a Kitchen / Dining room I want to install 2 x ceiling speakers in the kitchen & 1 in the Dining Room.

To do this, I intend to buy


Along with


Not the best speakers I know, but due to the cost of the sonos, this is all the budget allows for at the moment.

Anyway, As I understand it, I can't have all 3 playing at once due to the impedance of the speakers. But thats fine, I'm happy to use a switch to switch on / off one of the speakers in the kitchen to allow the Dining room to play (if that will work?)

What switch would you recommend? can I get one which is controllable via an app or do you know of a smart looking wall switch? Or am I completely wrong and I don't need a switch.



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You really want a stereo speaker in the dining room or you will only be listening to one channel, unless the Sonos has a mono mode?

Would it not be better to keep it all wireless & have either a pair of Play 1s or a Play 3 in the kitchen & another Play 1 in the dining room (if you're already proposing a single speaker there)?

Redeye UK

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Sonos doesn't have a mono mode so yes you need a single stereo speaker if you only want one speaker. Like this: Adastra C6S 6.5-Inch Dual Voice Ceiling Speaker - White https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004284FF2/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_DdZtwb4SYNVG9

Make sure 2 speaker cables are run to it's location. Something else to consider is that if the area above is habitable then fire hoods should be fitted to retain the fire rating of the ceiling. Hood cost more than the cheapo speakers you're looking at. Maybe just get the cables run and then fit the equipment when you can afford to do it properly?


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Hi, Thanks for the replies

The Individual speaker arrived and I was going to return it after reading your posts. But having opened it, this is a dual 2-way speaker.... Well thats what it says on the box anyway and it has 4 x connections (2+ve & 2-ve). So would this speaker not play in Stereo?

Thanks for the advice about the fire hoods Redeye. Do they need these even if I ensure there is no Insulation around the speaker etc?

Thanks again

Redeye UK

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The speaker in your link isn't a stereo one but they may have sent one in error? If so it will have 2 tweeters.

Insulation doesn't effect the fire rating of a ceiling. Cutting a hole in it does which is why you need a fire hood. (The speaker is the weak point and through which a fire will reach the area above).

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