Sonos Beam With Pioneer PDP 436XDE

DJ Dave

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Hi all

I am having the same issue that I can see so many people are having with non ARC ports on their TVs.

There is no sound from my Sonos Beam because the TV tuner box will not put out any signal via the optical out because HDMI is connected from the Sky Box. Because I have no Arc, the Beam has to be connected to the optical out via the Sonos optical adapter.

I have read that some people have got a 4 into 1 optical switch, but I am confused as to how that will help. I have Sky TV and a Amazon Firestick connected to the TV via HDMI.

Can somebody please help? I have literally spent hours on this and it is proper driving me mad. I'm tempted just to take the Sonos Beam back. I tried the music and it wasn't bad, but not as wow as some people make out. It's very bottom heavy and the mid range is average. I suppose you can't really beat a good old amp and speaker(s) but it's nice not having so many wires all over the place.


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I’ll be honest, the 436xde is from a time when TV audio wasn’t an afterthought. The Sonos beam -on the other hand- is very much of that era (being essentially a step up over modern flat panel audio).

What I’m saying is that the Beam probably isn’t much better than your onboard audio.


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The 436xde did not come with speakers, they were an option.

Does it not have an optical out on the media box.
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