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Hi all,

My Apple Lossless files are currently on an external USB drive attached to a Time Capsule. They all have artwork embedded in them using a script.

Using the CR100, some artwork shows, using the iPhone and iPad apps, a little less shows. Further, it take a few seconds to show the artwork when browsing.

Now, I'm pretty sure all my artwork meets the reqs. of the Sonos so I don't understand why it's not showing up, moreso I'm more puzzled why it's not showing on the iPhone app.

Could the artwork be loading slowly due to my make-shift NAS set-up? Would a dedicated NAS speed this process up? I'm not having any lag or delay, it's just the artwork.

Any help is appreciated.



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This one is best investigated by Sonos support. You can send them some sample files for testing.

One test you could do for yourself is to share some of the affected files out on a PC and point Sonos to that for indexing. Do they work from there?


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Sonos prioritises music playback and sync. Once the music is playing in all linked zone, it fetches the artwork. There is a small delay but it shouldn't be a long time at all.

Of the portable controllers, I think the CR200 loads artwork the fastest as it has the quickest CPU - it's much faster than the iPod or CR100. It should never be longer than a second or so though.

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Another thing that might be worth a try is to put folder.jpg files in each album directory - this is probably quicker to find and load than embedded data.

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