Sonos Arc with Panasonic TV problem


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Hi all

I currently have a Panasonic TX-58EX700B TV.

I’ve also ordered a Sonos Arc, with sub woofer and 2 x Play1.

I am completely new to sound bars and surround sound, and it appears as if I need more equipment which is annoying but prepared to pay.

My TV does not have eArc, which might cause problems with the Sonos Surround system. However, by quickly googling it might be down to whether my TV has Atmos or not? Which I don’t think it has, the manual is not perfect and I’m still trying to determine the answer to this and whether Atmos has anything to do with it. I don’t know if someone would be confirm/help with this but I don’t think it does?

I’ve been trying to do as much research myself as I can and I see some people recommend an HD Fury Arcana and others say I also need HD Fury Vertex 2. Apparently these two items will allow the sound to get to the Sonos Arc. But do I need both these and will this mean the quality of the sound would be the same as if I had an eArc and what standard would the sound come through as?

I am conscious as well, I might need to invest in an HDMI splitter and cables. I’ve not even managed to get to that stage as I want to make sure all the above is required before I invest.

I will be using Firestick 4K Ultra HD stick, Sky Q and Chrome.

Apologies if I’ve not made myself clear, I’ve never had the opportunity to get a surround system before and thought it would have been a lot easier than this. But I suspect that’s because I should have researched more about the TV first.

Thank you in advance and if you need any other information please let me know.


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For a single external Source you only require the HDFury Arcana - that will allow full uncompressed audio from the external Source plus whatever the TV delivers via ARC from its internal tuner, Apps and any additional devices connected to the TV.

If you have multiple external Source devices you can use an HDMI Switch + the HDFury Arcana - the HDFury Vertex2 is one option to consider, though there are lower cost options available too when you don’t require the full feature set the Vertex2 has to offer.

If you have multiple external Source devices plus a second Display device (Projector) you can use the Vertex2+Arcana or in a month or so the New Vertex3 (VRRoom).



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