Sonos Arc + Marantz Receiver + Nvidia Shield + Sony TV

heath smith

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Just picked up a Sonos Arc soundbar and before I connect the surrounds and sub I wanted to make sure that I'm able to get Atmos output on the soundbar from my Nvidia Shield that is connected to my Marantz Receiver.
Here's my equipment:
TV: Sony XBR65Z9F (eARC compatible)
Receiver: Marantz 6014 (eARC compatible)
Media Player: Nvidia Shield TV
Soundbar: Sonos Arc

Here is how things are connected:
ARC is connected to Sony TV via HDMI 3 (eARC enabled)
Marantz is connected to Sony TV via HDMI 2
Shield is connected to Marantz HDMI 5

Playing apps directly from the Sony TV result in Dolby Atmos being output on the Sonos ARC. The issue like many people have is that I have multiple devices connected to my Marantz and prefer to use the Shield to launch my streaming app (netflix, prime, hbo, plex, etc).
If i connect the Shield directly to the Sony TV via HDMI 2 then I can get Dolby Atmos to play on the Sonos. If I then connect it to the marantz then I will only get PCM. Here's the kicker....I enable HDMI passthrough on the Marantz while it is in standby and then I can get Dolby Atmos to play via the Sonos ARC. As soon as I power on the Marantz I will only get PCM again.
I guess long story short, I'm able to get Dolby Atmos from the Shield via the Marantz but only when the Marantz is powered off. This clearly is something to do with the Receiver but I cannot for the life of my find the right combination of settings to enable Dolby Atmos while it's actually power on.

Joe Fernand

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Noted this is a month old but why would you want the AVR powered On - or even in the signal path if you are using a Soundbar?


Snake Plissken 1997

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EARC should be connected to the AVR, Sonos should be connected to 2nd HDMI out of the AVR.
The AVR should either be the switcher or TV, since AVRs seem to handle switching better, I would opt in doing this and allow this to decode all streams, your issue then becomes how the Sonos handles an already decoded stream.
You need a priority of what handles what where, and what is more important in doing so.

Joe Fernand

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The ‘HDMI’ Input on a SONOS ARC will only be enabled if it is connected to an ARC or eARC port on a TV or a device such as the HDFury Arcana which can fool the SONOS into enabling its HDMI port.

Cascading the SONOS ARC via an AVR will result in the SONOS not seeing a device on its ‘HDMI’ Input.


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