Sonos Arc & Denon Receiver


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I think I already know the answer to this, but I am going to ask anyway in the slim chance / hope that I am wrong 🙏.

Equipment in Question
Sonos Arc (soon as it’s released)
Denon AVR x3300W
Samsung 65” Ks8000

Will I be able to keep all my current inputs (6 in total) to the Denon as it currently is and then run a single HDMI cable from Denon output HDMi to either the Sonos Arc directly or the Samsung OneConnect box and have it work ? or in a perfect world Dolby Atmos?.

From what I have found in preliminary research, due to the KS8000 not having eARC or as far as I am aware the ability to pass through Dolby Atmos, if the above scenario is achievable I will only be stuck with DD to the point that a standard Sonos Playbar would produce the same quality and audio formats (at a much reduced cost)?

To save time, I am fully aware that a HDMI switch would be more benifical in this situation however I am trying to see if it will work with minimal disruption to my current setup, as the Denon also supplies a feed to another room.

P.S - to anyone interested why anyone would do such a thing, the reason I am switching from my wired dedicated 5.1.2 atmos system onto the Sonos route is the recent arrival of an additional little lady our home.
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Adam M

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I don't think it will work.

The HDMI eARC connection on your atmos amp is an output that receives the audio return as an input.

This needs to connect to an HDMI input on a tv that send audio return as an output.

Both the HDMIs on the Denon and the Sonos arc are outputs thatg expect to receive an audio return in.

In short - sorry.


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Is it not as simple as HDMI to a second HDMI port in the TV from the AVR for video and then a separate HDMI from the eARC port on the TV to the Sonos Arc for the Audio?

Adam M

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Yes that would work but without eARC on that hdmi input on the tv you won’t get the atmos, which was what I thought was the whole point.

you may be able to get compressed atmos over ARC.

Adam M

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bear in mind the playbar doesn't have hdmi. You'd be connecting from the tv to the playbar with an optical cable.

I don't know if your denon amp has a toslink output, but you could use that too. I'd probably prefer to come from the one connect box due to potential for reducing lip sync issues.


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Thank you all, im guessing it’s a question of testing or buying a new tv.

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