Sonos ARC and 2021 TV Compatibility


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I'm looking to buy a 2021 model TV this year and want to get the Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds, as I have a Sonos setup elsewhere in the house.

Top of my list most likely is the Sony A80J (83 inch A90J probably too much of a stretch) but would be open to an LG OLED/QNED or a Samsung Neo QLED if these work better with the Arc.

I've read lots of issues about lip sync issues with Sky Q and Sonos Arc across different TV brands. These issues were affecting TVs with eARC.

I've also read posts on this forum about Samsung TVs from last year having connectivity issues with Sonos Arc and a Samsung update due recently which was meant to resolve this.

Appreciate that no one has the 2021 models yet but any experience from owners of 2020 TVs and the Arc which could help me with my decision?

Other points

  • TV will be at least 75 inches and have eARC
  • I have a Sky Q 2TB box for UHD. I got this last year and understand it is the latest model
  • I have no interest in using the Sonos Arc over optical - as I was full Atmos if I am paying for the Arc
  • I may buy a PS5 in the future - not sure if this would also be a risk for lip sync issues?

I know it would be most sensible to wait until all the 2021 TVs have been reviewed and tested with the Arc but this is a specific issue that may not be answered anytime soon. And with no TV since January I'm keen to get a replacement soon! If there is one brand which is known to work reliably with the Sonos I would put in a preorder for this when possible.

Many thanks for your help with this


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Hi ya, I have a Samsung Q90T Arc, surrounds etc + PS5, SKY Q 2TB. I have only ever had 1 issue with this set up, which was lipsink on sky news’s. Since latest Samsung update this has been fixed. I have had TV and Arc since last July and PS5 since release. All perfect and work great. I’ve not read up much on 2021 tv’s but personally stick with either LG or Samsung.

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