sonos and power over ethernet (?homeplugs)


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I am considering the sonos products. My understanding is that one device needs to be connected to my router to create the sonos wireless mesh for other devices. However, on another thread I have read about the use of homeplugs - I assume this is power over ethernet / powerlink?

I use the D-link powerline devices as I cannot get a wireless signal across my 3 floors. On each level I have set up access points for wifi.

My question is:
Do I have to buy a ZB to connect to my router as well as a player, or can I connect a device eg play5 into a powerline device remote from my router. This would obviate the need to get a ZB too. My router is in an awkward place so I would not connect a player into it.


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PoE isn't relevant. Plenty of Sonos users are OK using homeplugs and the like for a wired ethernet link, however this configuration isn't officially supported by Sonos.


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You don't say which Sonos player you will be using, if it is a Play:3 then you can get this with a free Bridge if the offer is still running. A bridge is only £39 so even if you buy one it is not any different in price to a decent set of Homeplugs and will mean you get full support from Sonos if you have any issues.


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I would really recommend getting the zone bridge. It's only an extra £39 and you can get bundle deals which can knock a tenner off it (or free if you're getting a 3). It removes the hassle of having to use 2 power sockets to get your Sonos player online. The beauty of the Play3 or Play5 units are that you can easily unplug and move to another room whenever it takes your fancy. Would be a pain if that other room only has one socket free.

P.S. pedantic note but what you're describing is Ethernet over power. Power over Ethernet is different (the opposite, if that makes sense)


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I use devolo home plugs around the house and use one of these to connect my Sonos to the network without any trouble. I have an 8 zone configuration with my zp90 connected to my home network using a devolo 200av.

Hope that helps

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