Sonos and A90J with ps5.


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Hey guys, so I had a bit of a strange issue going on. So I have the Sony A90J and the new Sonos Arc (2021). I have the ps5 connected to HDMI 2.1 input 4 in the tv. I have the Sonos arc connected to the eARC port of the tv. Pass thru is enabled and the sound output settings are for dobly digital plus and auto 2 (compressed multi channel output). So up to yesterday the ps5 was outputting dobly digital plus. For some reason it suddenly stopped and now all I get is dobly digital 5.1.

I keep switching from dobly bitstream to DTS see if anything changes and have no clue what changed. If I set the ps5 to 7.1 LPCM I get sound that seems more subtle. I dunno how to get it to show dobly digital plus again on the Sonos app when I check the sound I’m receiving. Has anyone had this issue or know anything ??? Any info will help. And thanks I’m advance guys. I’ve looked all over


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According to rtings the A90 should be for eARC.
Digital Audio Out to 'Auto 1'
Passthrough to 'Auto'

The Sonos ARC supports
DD, DD+, TrueHD, PCM 5.1, it has no DTS support.

PCM 5.1 requires a firmware update to the Sonos, if using PS5 try and limit audio to PCM 5.1 if possible, sending 7.1 might account for the difference you hear or its just down to Sonos processing Dolby differently.

I recall reading somewhere dont use soundbar setting on PS5 set to AVR instead.

As to why DD+ stopped working it could be the TV needs a factory reset, the PS5 for whatever reason no longer sees the DD+.


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I had Sony TV set to auto 2. Which is the one that says allows for multi channel compressed audio. Auto 1 doesn’t say multi channel. I got dobly digital plus using multi channel. I thought it was a ps5 issue since the sound bar does atmos and dobly digital plus when playing Netflix on the TVs standard app. Maybe something wrong reading the eARC port?? I’ll do a factory reset on tv. Sucks I have fo re do all my settings. Thanks tho. I’ll try


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So I removed the sound bar then added it again to the tv. Re installed it. And it played dobly digital plus. Then turned off tv later and sound bar to go eat dinner. When I turned it back on I lost dobly digital plus again…… what is happening

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