Sonos Amp and Ceiling Speakers Advice Please


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Ok I was pointed in this direction for some advice and would love to hear what you folks suggest :)
I have approx 600-800pound budget to install speakers in our new build bedroom and En-suite areas.
My thoughts were Sonos Amp (400 quid approx), and 2 ceiling speakers in Bedroom with 1 ceiling speaker in En-suite. This would then tie into my existing Sonos system in the house.
Can anyone advise on the do's and don'ts and which speakers?
All advice much appreciated.


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Hi mate

I have followed the route you are considering. In the en-suite I went for a single B&W CCM664SR speaker connected to a sonos ZP120. The sonos unit is actually in a cubby hole on the bedroom as wasn't sure if I'd have somewhere in the en-suite for it to go without getting moisture near.

I have been really pleased with the setup. The B&W took a while to run in at which point lower frequencies were much improved. The single speaker is certainly loud enough (actually acts as a stereo speaker) and quality is obviously a massive step up from my old ipal radio.

Also I opted to fit a dynaudio dynabox enclosure to try and stop noise leaking out. These can supposedly be retro fitted but probably easier to fit before if you are carrying out building work on the house! You could always try and make your own enclosure I guess!




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The speaker for the ensuite really needs to be one designed for external or bathroom usage due to the high humidity in such a room (from shower etc.). As above if only going for one speaker in the ensuite you want one that acts as a stereo speaker (or buy a stereo to mono convertor). This ensures you get all the sound into the room and not just the left or right soundtrack.
You also want to check the impedance of the speakers since if you want all 3 playing at the same time then you will need to ensure the impedance seen by the amp is not too low.


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Hi guys
thanks for the replies so far :) I should have mentioned that yes I was considering a purpose built speaker that can be used on its own but still provide stereo and one that can be used in bathrooms :)
I have been told to keep the speakers to 8ohms which Sonos have advised will be fine.
I think I will build my own enclosures if this is seen to be an issue, I will good access to the speakers backs as they will be visible from the loft :)
What speakers for the Bedroom then? I will also have the TV sound coming through them for this room if that makes any difference?


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The Sonos can handle impedances of 4 ohms or above - so if you wire up 4 8 ohm speakers in parallel, that will be fine, but you couldn't add a 3rd set unless change your wiring to serial.

The monitor audio CWT series are splash and humidity proof as well as being low profile (i.e. they don't need much clearance in your ceiling - about 4 inches). The do 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch wide versions - if space is at a premium a left and right 4 inch speaker would be pretty cool (tempted to do this in my own bathroom!). The snag is that they are 6 ohms, so you'd have to wire all of these in serial.


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I should have added that I use CWTs for rear surrounds in my main AV rig, and they are excellent in terms of sound quality. :)

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